Let Me Introduce You To Our “Big Boy”

An important aspect of a successful printing business is the equipment. At Minuteman Press of Newark we pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date equipment possible.

C1060-70We recently installed a new, state-of-the-art Konica Minolta C1060 with lots of bells and whistles that will print beautiful, amazing quality documents, performing multiple operations in one pass. With older equipment you would print booklets, for example, on flat sheets, then fold them, then saddle stitch them, then trim them …. very time consuming.   This new machine allows us to do multiple functions together on one machine.

Purchasing this “Big Boy” wasn’t a decision that I took lightly. It took careful assessment of my business to be sure that we had the volume of work to support it and the financial means to acquire it. I set out specific goals that the new equipment needed to fulfill and evaluated my choices based on those goals. Among those goals was to find a machine that would deliver the quality that my customers expect as efficiently as possible.

So when my customers send in jobs at the last minute, I know we can deliver. The “Big Boy” allows us to handle more at higher standards. We can meet large orders with ease. Because of improved efficiencies we continue to deliver exceptional quality with quicker turnaround. You can probably tell that I’m super excited about our newest addition. Watch this video and you’ll see why.


About Holly Kaplansky

Ten years ago I became the owner of Minuteman Press Newark. I use my corporate experience to help businesses with their printing and promotional needs. Through my blog I'm able to share business advise that I have learned through the years during my career.
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